Katie Vernon


I hate mondays.
I hate my job on Mondays.

Bc the church never ever cleans up after themselves.  They leave my classroom a total mess. Chairs amd tables all over for my toddlers to climb on? Thats not safe…
Not to mention the three other teachers can not do this for me… and not have every fucking toy off of my shelves? Just for them to leave 15 mins later? And not have their kids clean up? Rude.
Im so fucking done with my coteacher. Lazy lazy lazy. If youre not going to work then dont come into work. Im not wanting to be a bitch but damn. Can I not do anything either? No bc then the kids will get beat up and bite each other and tear up everything. All she does is steal the swing and sit on it until its time to go inside.
Im just done. I need a cigarette.  Pronto.